The 2015 Larry Lindsey Award Winner is Rhonda Havard .

Rhonda Havard  has worked in the law enforcement field for 19 years. Rhonda always treats each caller with care, love, and concern. To Rhonda, its not just a job, its a way of life. She shows that same concern and love to each officers. She is a outstanding dispatcher and is one of the best I have ever worked for. She goes above and beyond even on her days off to make sure me and my fellow officers are safe. She is a outstanding  dispatcher and is one of the best I have ever worked for. Rhonda always has shown a passion for the public safety field and has never had a job she loves more. The officers always love it when they hear her voice on the radio when she has been off on vacation. Which she doesn’t take very often. Her trainees are always glad to see her come in because she is so understanding and supportive for everyone she is training. Her knowledge for the job is just over whelming. The Association of Public Safety Communication Officials would like to congratulate Rhonda on a job well done, and congratulations on your award. So well deserved.